Project Facts

Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation (SAT)

May 2009 - April 2014

30 partners from 11 countries

Budget: 9,5 Mio. €


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No. 226752.

WP1 will define a common vision on zero-waste entrepreneurship within the first six months. The mythos Individual Producer Responsibility will be investigated if it can become the all-healing-solution in electronics industry as well as how this concept can be applied to other industrial sectors. WP2 concentrates on new technological developments, WP3 on waste prevention methodologies and strategies and WP4 will adapt existing software tools supporting waste prevention. All this knowledge will be then formalised into an innovative production model for resource-use optimisation and waste prevention in WP5. This preparatory work will enable the 9 industrial case studies in WP6a and WP6b that form the core of the ZeroWIN project with more than half of the total budget. These case studies will be used to prove that the ZeroWIN approach can meet at least 2 of the stringent targets of the call. WP7 closely monitors and validates the improvements by quantitative assessment. WP8 investigates the implications to policy and formulates recommendations. Finally WP9 will disseminate the results of ZeroWIN as broad as possible and WP10 ensures the efficient operation of the proposed ZeroWIN project.