The following webinars have been made to give an introduction into the ZeroWIN project and an overview on the goals reached.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No. 226752.





Introduction into the ZeroWIN project
This webinar gives an overview about the goals, the content, the involved partners and the achieved results of “ZeroWIN – Towards Zero Waste in Industrial Networks”.
The ZeroWIN project, its vision and its industrial networks
This webinar provides a short introduction into the project and clarifies the overall vision of ZeroWIN. Further it introduces the Practical Demonstrator D4R Laptop, D4R PV System and the Practical Demonstrator Refurbishment of Deutsche Bank headquarter and explains the industrial networks behind them.
The ZeroWIN Production Model
This webinar introduces a new developed production model – the “ZeroWIN Production Model”. Further it introduces the web guide “Company Networking saves Resources”, which shows employees with different professional backgrounds the best way to save resources through industrial networking.
Assessing Sustainability in Industrial Networks
This webinar informs about assessing sustainability in industrial networks.
Assessment of the Practical Demonstrators
This webinar summarises the assessment of all Practical Demonstrators. It shows how the life cycle assessment has been done, how the case studies were analysed and if they did meet the environmental targets.
Bringing all Industrial Networks together
This webinar summarises all Practical Demonstrators and their industrial networks. It explains the goals of the Practical Demonstrators, the approach of building an industrial network, the results achieved from industrial networking and the lessons learned.
Practical Demonstrator 1 – D4R Laptop
This webinar introduces the Practical Demonstrator D4R Laptop, a laptop with a wooden chassis using reused materials and components. The industrial network, the goals achieved and the ways to overcome existing barriers at the market are explained.
Practical Demonstrator 2 – D4R PV System
This webinar introduces the Practical Demonstrator D4R PV System, a stand-alone and a grid-connected photovoltaic system. It introduces design measures, which makes it easy to replace and upgrade elements of the PV system, the industrial network behind it and the goals achieved.
Practical Demonstrator 3 – Resource Exchange Platform
This webinar introduces the ReUse ICT concept and the Resource Exchange Platform (RXP) as a way to implement this concept. The practicability of the RXP is shown as well as a marketing concept for ReUse ICT products.
Practical Demonstrator 9 – Automotive
This webinar demonstrates how formally disposed plastic sprues can be recycled and reused in the automotive industry. Further the industrial network behind it and the goals reached are summarised.