November 4 - 6, 2013
art'otel Budapest
Budapest, Hungary
Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Evening Program


Monday, November 4, 2013

14.15 Bus departs from art'otel Budapest to Inter-Metal Recycling
15.00 Excursion at Inter-Metal Recycling in Budapest
16.00 Approximate departure from Inter-Metal Recycling to art’otel
18.30 Registration
19.00 Welcome Reception

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10.00 Welcome and short overview about Resource Efficiency in Hungary (Ferenc Hizó, Deputy Secretary of State, Ministry of National Development)
10.30 Recycling possibilities of WEEE – completed synergies and case studies from the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme in Hungary (Annamaria Virag, IFKA)
11.00 Mapping the flow of critical raw materials in electronic products through product life (Josephine Arendorf, Oakdene Hollins)
11.30 Coffee
12.00 The Importance of Resource Efficiency in a global IT company (Klaus Hieronymi, HP)
12.30 Strategies and Solutions to Resource Efficiency in the electric and electronics industry on the example of Nokia (Noora Paronen, Nokia)
13.00 Strategies and Solutions to Resource Efficiency in the electric and electronics industry on the example of Panasonic / EcologyNet Europe (Sven Grieger, Hiroyuki Furukawa, ENE)
13.30 Lunch and Networking
14.30 Resource Efficiency in the high-tech plastics industry (Ingo Sartorius, Plastics Europe)
15.00 How can the recycling sector contribute to Resource Efficiency? (Steven Art, UMICORE)
15.30 How to diversify its supply of rare earth by developing recycling? Example of fluorescent lamps and permanent magnets (Frederic Carencotte, Solvay Rhodia)
16.00 Coffee
16.30 ISHS – Formalisation of the informal sector in Central Europe to increase collection (Zsolt Istvan, Bay-Logi)
17.00 Update on the HydroWEEE technologies (Bernd Kopacek, SAT)
17.30 Recycling; potential for a thermo-reversible glue to enrich PCB-derived waste streams for maximal material recovery (Herman Lenting, TNO)
18.30 Walking tour through Castle District to restaurant
19.30 Typical Hungarian Dinner in the famous castle district

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

07.45 Bus departs from art’otel to The Regional Environmental Centre - REC Conference Center in Szentendre
08.00 Bus transfer to The Regional Environmental Centre – REC Conference Center in Szentendre
09.00 Welcome & Introduction to REC and its Zero Emission Conference Center (Marta Szigeti Bonifert, REC)
09.20 Introduction to ZeroWIN (Bernd Kopacek, SAT)
09.40 The ZeroWIN Production Model (Jörg Musterle, SAT)
10.00 Practical Demonstrator “D4R laptop - Industrial networks and eco-design to maximise reuse and eliminate waste” (Jose Ospina, MicroPro)
10.20 Practical Demonstrator “Design for Recycling Photovoltaic System” (Pol Arranz, Trama Tecno Ambiental)
10.40 Practical Demonstrator “ReUse ICT Network” (Johannes Dietrich, Berlin University of Technology)
11.00 Coffee
11.30 Practical Demonstrator “Automotive” (Stefan Dully, Continental)
11.50 Bringing all Industrial Networks together and next steps (Emilia den Boer, Wroclaw University of Technology)
12.10 Practical Demonstrators “Demolition and New Buildings in Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom” (Ian Williams, University of Southampton)
12.30 Towards IPR for B2C WEEE – Can RFID Step up the Challenge? (Colin Fitzpatrick, University Limerick)
12.40 Questions and discussions
13.00 Lunch and Tour through the REC Conference Center “aiming at zero emissions”

Stakeholder workshop to discuss ZeroWIN policy recommendations

14.30 Introduction to ZeroWIN's Work Package on policy recommendations and major results achieved (Federico Magalini, United Nations University, Clementine O'Connor, BIO Intelligence Service)
15.15 Break-out sessions: Discussion of policy options
16.30 Wrap up & next steps (Federico Magalini, United Nations University)
17.00 End


Evening Program

  • Welcome Reception
    Monday, November 4, 2013 19.00

    The Welcome Reception will take place in the venue art'otel Budapest. Come and join the exhibitors, speakers, organizers and workshop attendees for a buffet dinner.
    Do not miss the opportunity to network with your colleagues!


    art'otel Budapest
    Bem rakpart 16, 1011 Budapest, Hungary (Map)
  art'otel Budapest


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"Batthyány tér" - Line M2 (400 m)
"Halász utca" - Line 86/990 (10 m)
"Halász utca" - Line 19/41 (30 m)
"Budapest-Déli pályaudvar" (1,5 km)
"Batthyány tér (M+H)" - Line D11 (300 m)
  • Typical Hungarian Dinner at "Budavári Fortuna Restaurant"
    Tuesday, November 5, 2013 19.30

The royal castle hill of Buda and its streets, palaces and houses are recognised and proudly promoted contributors to the World Heritage List by the UNESCO. In the vicinity of the coronation Church of Our Lady also known as Mathias Church in the heart of medieval Buda can one find the Fortuna House whose story is closely related to the most important events of Hungary's history. The cellars and tunnels under the buildings were begun in the 12th century during the reign of King III. Béla. The original buildings were completed in the 14th century during the reign of King Charles Robert d'Anjou. In the past six hundred years through the quiet or stormy course of history the Fortuna House was used for many different purposes. The first book printed in Hungary was made here in the printing house of András Hess in 1443 and it was the first inn for military officers in 1777. In 1840 the Fortuna House changed for catering as a part of the then university. The present form of the buildings was created by 1901. The Second World War caused serious damage. The Fortuna Restaurant was opened in 1957 after thorough reconstructions. A message of history is conveyed by the arched gateway, the niched rooms on the groundfloor and the cellars carved into the rock.

Budavári Fortuna Restaurant
Hess András Tér 4, H-1014 Budapest (Map)




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"Halász utca" - Line 19, 41, 49N, 56 (700 m)
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