International Symposium

Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2018 is the only platform for presenting the up-to-date progress on sustainable development and the development of eco-efficient electr(on)ic & automotive products. The International Symposium will compare the three major economic regions Europe, America and Asia with high level plenary speakers from global electr(on)ic & automotive industries, recycling companies, research institutes and environmental & consumer organizations.
Leading industrialists, research directors, environmental experts and scientists will analyze the current situation of circular economy, producer responsibility, environmentally-friendly electr(on)ic & automotive product development, issues of resource depletion and conservation, clean production, green marketing, logistics and End-of-Life strategies.

Through a wide-range of presentations it will be discussed how the electr(on)ic & automotive industry can contribute in the area of sustainable development in general, and which products and technologies will be needed in particular.

International Meeting Place

Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2018 can provide individuals seeking business and/or research partners as well as RTD funding (EUREKA, European Union, global initiatives) with an important point of first contact.

Environmental Exhibition

Located directly within the conference area the exhibition is like a village market place: central point for communication, presentation of new ideas and catering. Companies are presenting their new products and services and research institutes are demonstrating their latest results in electronics and the environment in a Vienna coffee house like atmosphere.
Take the opportunity and present your products to a forum of the world’s leading companies in electronics and the environment!




Going Green

November 26 - 29, 2018 - Vienna, Austria
Meeting Place | Exhibition